Meet the Research Team!

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Emily Balczewski


Emily is a junior at Carleton College studying computer science and pre-medicine. Last year, Emily organized a TEDx conference for Carleton College and sought inspirational professionals to speak about their expertise. One of the speakers at the TEDx conference was Dr. Daniel Saltzman. After hearing Dr. Saltzman share the Project Stealth story, Emily immediately knew she wanted to work in his research lab. After interviewing with Dan and shadowing him at the lab, Emily was more than excited. Emily heads off to Budapest, Hungary this Fall to study abroad.

Mike Mertensotto


Mike graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2009 with a degree in microbiology. During his undergraduate research project, Mike spent his time in the Saltzman research lab. After gaining a sincere passion for the research, Mike decided to prolong his dedication to Project Stealth. Upon graduation, Mike became a full-time scientist for Project Stealth cancer research. In his spare time, Mike enjoys hanging out with his friends. Mike’s next step is to take the MCAT and hopes to attend medical school.

Joe Lane


Joe is a sophomore at the University of Iowa and writes for The Daily Iowa newspaper. Aside from being a columnist, Joe conducted medical research while at the University of Iowa. As summer approached, Joe wanted to continue researching and heard about Project Stealth through a family connection. Joe’s mom had attended the Project Stealth launch and inspired Joe to get involved. Joe spent many of his summer days in the Saltzman research lab and when he returns to the University of Iowa, he will study pre-medicine.

Abdi Adan 


After meeting Dr. Saltzman at the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital, 14-year-old Abdi contacted him and simply asked, “How do I become a pediatric surgeon?” Dr. Saltzman was moved by Abdi’s diligence and passion. Dr. Saltzman remarked that Abdi asked some of the best questions he had ever heard. Abdi, a local high school student, now assists in the Saltzman lab with his fellow researchers. Abdi’s dream is to attend the University of Minnesota and to become a pediatric surgeon just like Dr. Saltzman.

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